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Our company was founded in 1980 as R & G Construction Company. Our early focus was in construction and renovation work. We've completed many additions and alterations with a strong emphasis on the interior millwork details of each project. The need to acquire the materials and finished products that we required was a strong driving force in forming the millwork side of our business. In 1985 we officially opened our first millwork shop. Each side of our business complemented the other, but by 1990 we made the decision to focus all of our energies on our millwork operations.

In 1991 we eagerly moved our small operation into a new and larger facility with room to grow. From 1991 to 1996 we expanded 4 times from 3500 sq. ft to 12,000 sq. ft and from 4 employees to 12. We incorporated in 1997 and officially changed our name to R & G Construction Cabinet and Millwork, Inc.

2001 saw another expansion, bringing our manufacturing space to approx. 18,000 sq ft. and employing a staff of 20 people, including designers, draftsmen, craftsmen, finishers and installers.

In December of 2002 we purchased a drawer company that specialized in making high end Dovetail drawers. It seemed the perfect match for our increasing drawer box needs and the distribution lines we already had in place. Today we are supplying these high end dovetail drawer boxes to cabinet and furniture makers up and down the eastern seaboard and as far west as Kansas...so far. Since setting up and filling our first drawer orders on January 1st 2003 sales have increased over 700% (as of July 2006).